Organizing a Shabbat to celebrate a special occasion is a complicated task that includes an entire sequence of events: reception, dinner, the Torah reading on Shabbat morning, lunch, Seuda Shlishit and Saturday night. Each one is an important event in itself that requires attention and professionalism. Together, they join to create the wonderful harmony that you will all remember as a once in a lifetime event.

The secret to success lies in the connection between all of the different factors – from the close relationship with the hotel, to choosing the concept for the event and coordinating with all of the suppliers – choosing the best in each field. Special emphasis must be placed on the small details – for they are what make the event memorable and bring a smile to your guests’ faces. They are what transform your event into one spectacular experience.

Merav Lifshitz Event Planning was founded in 2006 and provides planning services for Shabbatot Bar and Bat Mitzva, Shabbatot Chattan and Shabbatot Sheva Brachot.

We only organize Shabbatot Bar/Bat Mitzva and Shabbatot Chattan – This is our specialty, which is why we are able to provide you with the best conditions, prices and service.

What do we offer:

  • Attractive price quotes from a large selection of hotels and accommodations (recommendations based on personal knowledge), including all of the coordination with the chosen venue.
  • Assistance with planning and adapting the content to the event (concept, singers, cantors, service providers and more), including full production services.
  • Designs that are modern and unique, as well as unforgettable mementos.
  • And of course, a professional and experienced staff of employees who will accompany you throughout the whole process and take care of every detail during the event itself so that you can feel like a guest at your own celebration!

Looking forward to meeting you on happy occasions!